27 May 2009


Mind full of thoughts
Agony of undone acts
Mysteries of your mind
Actions in plain
Lovely moments
With you around you
So much in pursuit
Reality in dispute
I see you across the table
I watch the glare in your eyes
As a sunshine from a distant coast
Biting aspirations of your belongingness
Piercing me and hurting me
I run around like a maniac
I realize my heart beating faster
The fragrance of you stronger
Devoid if your thoughts for me
I hold your fragrance in me.

25 May 2009


In woods deep
Are the logs
partially burned
A drop of water
And my soul pacified
The hunger in eyes
The thirst in voice
I sing
The darkness
The grief
The pain surrounds
Mid night stroke
And you linger
The warmth with the touch
As snake trailed path
tunefully and evenly
You reach the skull
With the nibble
And I sway
To the music
Music of my heart
And I dance
I dance till the silence.

19 May 2009

Aise hai yeh zindagi

Aise hai yeh zindagi………….jo chao who paa na sako.
Jo socho, jiske liye socho, uusehi who baat na sako
Tham kar appna dil, dhadkane kar ke teez
Himmat se arz kar bhi do………maut to anni hi hai
Chaaye ikrrar se…………..chayee inkar se
Tho phir kyoun isse bayan kare.
Apne khayalo ko kyoun apne app se juda kare
Kudha kare koi jaddu ho jaye…….
Bin batayen hi insaan saab samaj jaye
Shaayad tab zameen jannat ban jaye.

Guys this is my opening endeavor of scripting somewhat stupid, but trust me I really liked it. I really like doing stupid things these days. What is life without a little bit of stupidity. I hate and refrain from being perfect, because then I would never be apologetic and make someone feel right, I would never agree with anyone and be adamant. The preeminent illustration of the most stupidest object in the universe is the marvelous sentiment called “love”. It really makes you stupid it’s a magic charm everything around seems gorgeous. I think it’s a journey that a person surpasses a journey to heaven everything harmonious, clam, quite and yet understandable. Look I wrote so much in stupidity and again I would say I haven’t said anything. But this is the way it is.

Dedicated to all my stupid bloggers and the anonymous.

17 May 2009

Him & Her

He said what he had to
She heard what she had to
They felt what they had to
He exploited the words
She preferred to be silent
He had a lot to say
She had no time to heed
Her actions breed his thoughts
And he craved for a knot
She felt nothing
Or she had something
Is all that’s bothering
He slaughter his word
Made them bleed
Made them strain
Transformed them
Rejuvenated them
Reincarnated them
Reproduced them
Dipped them in passion
Nursed them in divine emotion
Fanatical devotion
Drenched in his sensation
Brought to the light
Kept them up in sun
Just a nature goes
They had to dehydrate
Everything went up the air
What he holds might be false
Don’t label it as friendly thought
How can she go off him?
Cause in him she’s lingering
But she prefers to be quite
Rather he be quite
Not as quite he was earlier
Quite in quite sense
Live with the essence

10 May 2009


Compromise is the term………..yes it is the term she was not convinced but was forced to go for it. She got up with the soreness; the ache forceful right from her abdomen through her vertebrae. The colorful stride and the journey of fame. Dreams shattered by the harsh authenticity. She lifted herself from the bed wrapped in the bed sheet moved towards the bathroom. Fantastic shot madam, good job. Mr Misra had arranged for the script reading session at his bungalow in mud-island. “Retake” is what she thought.

07 May 2009

Just little something

Something little for you
All my dreams
All my wishes
All I aspire
All I desire
All I think
All I perceive
All I heed
All my happiness
All my luck
All my conviction
All my thoughts
All my expressions
All my loyalty
All my devotion
All my faith
All my prayers
All my time
All my words
All I can offer is just little something.

04 May 2009

Bus yuhi aoo tum, tuffan bankar..............

Bus yuhi aoo tum, tuffan bankar
And bluster my world
By your existence
Shatter me and my globe
Smash everything that’s devil in me
Chaa jao hum par badal ban kar
Drench and wash me off
Let me flow with your thoughts
Baras jaao tum hum par
ek hasin ehssas ban kar
Just let me be there by you
Touch you, feel you
Is khawab ki chahat mein
Pagal ban baitha hoon
Lost my sanity
And my psyche
Craving for you
Is all I can uncover
Bus abb aabad honge hum
Is cahat ko kho denge hum
Let not desire slay me
I slaughter the quest
And hope for the best
Because in pain, I cannot rest.
Bus yuhi aoo tum, tuffan bankar

03 May 2009

I am free………I can fly

I don’t need the words
The fatal false pretentious word
One stands with his head down
With no self pride and ego to decide
He has survived
His life through a stride
Just a thought and on a ride
Imprudent his feelings
One day she would recognize
Explicit and clear as glass it looks
An arrow struck
And pears through him
Blood screams and shatters
Loudly speaks what matters
But darkness splash
Nothing to hold
He has to endure
For idiotic needs
Do no leniency
Dreams of authenticity
Should gnaw him hard
Munch his flesh
And slay him off
Let him rotten and sting
Since time has to pass
Death unto freedom
I am free………I can fly